James Fisher Nuclear Flying High with Sellafield Decommissioning.

James Fisher Nuclear (JFN), part of  James Fisher and Sons PLC, alongside partners WYG, took to the skies recently and made history with the first ever external Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) high resolution structural survey of a chimney stack within Sellafield’s high security chemical separation (SEP) active area.  

This innovative use of drone technology removed the need for time consuming scaffolding construction or bringing in special access vehicles, both of which are costly and require operators to be working at height.  The SEP active area contains much of Sellafield Ltd.’s older production facilities and is a very compact part of the site, which presents a number of challenges and obstacles when it comes to carrying out structural inspections.  JFN was able to show that its UAV was not just up to the task, it could deliver detailed results faster and at a significant cost saving over traditional methods. You can read the full press release here

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