Radioactive sources

Radioactive sources

Professionalism, efficiency, reliability and safety in the supply of radioactive sources, equipment and services from High Technology Sources Limited.

The knowledge and experience of the team at High Technology Sources Limited (HTSL) is renowned throughout the non destructive testing, industrial and medical industries. Within the petrochemical, engineering and aerospace industries, HTSL and the Sentinel brand, in particular the 880 range of Gamma Radiography projectors including the Delta, Elite and Omega models, together with the 959 and 989 Small Controlled Area Radiography (SCAR) devices are universally recognised for bringing new levels of accuracy and efficiency to these businesses.

In addition HTSL also supplies a comprehensive range of special clamps and fixtures, mainly for pipeline testing and is proud of its reputation for supporting its customers with friendly, helpful guidance, from its experienced engineers.

HTSL’s in-depth knowledge of the development and supply of dedicated and effective radioactive sources for medical and industrial applications is further enhanced by its full consultancy service on the application, design and manufacture of systems suitable for a huge range of applications.

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