Design consultancy

Design consultancy

Our design consultancy service gives you access the extensive engineering skills and practical experience that James Fisher Nuclear has acquired from across the nuclear industry. 

James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) can deliver effective and focused design consultancy throughout the lifecycle of a project from the initial project conception through to obsolescence and decommissioning management.

Front-end design

At the front end of the design process, JFN's experience in analysing client requirements and developing outline designs includes:

  • Developing a range of ideas and approaches to solve the problem
  • Assessing the ideas in feasibility and optioneering studies
  • Down-selection of ideas and development of concept designs
  • Delivery of scheme designs with layout, dimensions and key plant and components identified

Detailed design

The development of detailed design packages including production of manufacturing drawings.


JFN has an extensive capability in numerical analysis to underpin a design. 

Examples include:

  • Analysis of the effects of static or dynamic loads on composite or metallic structures
  • Mechanism simulation to check there are no geometric clashes during operation
  • Analysis of hydraulic systems to ensure there will be no system instability
  • Analysis of the routing of services including hydraulic and electrical supplies
  • Lighting level calculations to validate a lighting scheme.

Asset care and obsolescence management

Site operators often have a requirement to periodically perform assessments of existing installations, plant and equipment. JFN has extensive experience of performing such assessments to support the renewal of safety cases and evaluating their maintainability and compliance with the current standards. Where shortfalls are identified, options for upgrading or replacing are developed and assessed for feasibility and can be taken through the whole design process.

Below are some of the other design services JFN can offer: