Remote inspection systems

Remote inspection systems

For James Fisher Nuclear, deploying cameras and sensors in legacy plant is the most effective, safe and accurate mechanism by which current condition of high hazard areas can be established.

Each inspection requirement within the nuclear environment has its own access challenge, with limited entry routes available. As well as the difficulty of getting equipment into the plant, care is required to ensure that it can be safely retrieved, even in the event of complete equipment failure. To address this requirement James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) specialises in the deployment and safe recovery of remote inspection systems.

Additionally JFN has the ability to deliver instrumentation packages to conduct integrity checks in-vessel, in-cell or even in-core. As well as camera inspections, systems have been designed for remote ultrasonic (UT) and eddy current (EC) non-destructive testing.

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Some examples of our remote inspection technology are shown in the links below: