Reactor decommissioning


James Fisher Nuclear has many years of experience in reactor decommissioning, segmentation and packaging and is widely recognised as a world leader in this important discipline.

James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) has cemented JFN's position as a 'Tier 2' project and technical integrator capable of successfully taking on huge multi-discipline projects such as the reactor decommissioning and segmentation activity. With an effective and focused decommissioning mindset and technical expertise built over many years decommissioning success, JFN has become a supplier of choice and industry leader in this complex, but vital, specialism. You can read more about our capabilities here in a presentation delivered to an audience of key influencers in the nuclear industry worldwide by Bertie Williams (Business Director JFN) at the recent DIT Civil Nuclear Showcase  

JFN has recently been awarded a contract by Magnox (Winfrith) to deliver a facility for the remote segmentation and packaging of the reactor core of the redundant Steam Generating Heavy Water Reactor (SGHWR) located at Winfrith in Dorset. 

The first reactor to be decommissioned from within the NDA estate was the Windscale Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor (WAGR), with JFN playing a significant role in the decommissioning of the reactor internals, the pressure vessel and insulation. Optioneering & feasibility Studies were carried out by JFN, with design and manufacture of tooling and electrical control systems and the development of systems and techniques. This was supported by test rigs, trials and comprehensive training to ensure that once on site the project operated, safely and efficiently through to successful completion.

Reactor decommissioning is a complex and involved process, where nothing can be left to chance and safety is paramount. JFN delivers tried and tested solutions to complex decommissioning questions.  So you can be confident our specialist engineering teams will deliver the most economic and advantageous solutions for the nuclear decommissioning industry in a safe, environmentally and socially responsible manner.

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