Remotely operated vehicles

Remotely operated vehicles

James Fisher Nuclear provides cost effective, timely and reliable solutions using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for utilisation in high hazard areas. 

ROVs from James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) can deploy a range of sensors and tooling to support characterisation, maintenance, repair and remote handling tasks in both operational plants and those being decommissioned. Using proven and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment whenever possible and only bespoke equipment when there is nothing available in the market, JFN works hard to deliver you the most cost effective solution. We use our extensive supply chain to identify suitable COTS equipment and customise for use in nuclear environments. Before deployment the system will be fully trialled in our own purpose built facility where we can test the efficiency and reliability of the equipment and provide operator training to give your team additional confidence and familiarity on deployment.

Sensors and tooling deployed on the ROVs are also often customised COTS equipment, but JFN can also support the realisation of innovative applications for ROVs with the design and manufacture of bespoke sensors and tooling. JFN design and manufacture the skids for integrating the tools and sensors with the ROV. All equipment is CE marked and will meet the standards and regulations of the nuclear industry.

This COTS approach minimises the need for multiple and lengthy design and manufacturing tasks associated with bespoke equipment. This approach shortens the development life cycle and blends the benefits of a low cost and industrialised package of COTS equipment with more specific customisation.

Our collaborative approach

We believe in team working and creating environments where client and JFN teams can work closely together to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions with safety and operability built in.

A truly collaborative approach with clients is adopted from the outset when requirements are qualified and discussed and the project goals and roles agreed by client and JFN project teams. This provides a climate which fosters innovative and successful solutions.  

Remote repair systems

Radiation levels are not the only criteria preventing manual plant maintenance. It is often the case that access constraints force the client to consider remote systems. Typically systems include fault detection, surface preparation, the repair and final inspection.

See below for a selection of the remotely operated vehicle solutions we can offer.