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Radioactive source store

JFN successfully delivered a secure on-site radioactive source store to EDF at Hinkley Point C (HPC). The store will be used to safely house a number of Special Form sealed radioactive sources, which are used for non-destructive testing, critical to the completion of construction works at HPC.

Long Reach tooling solutions

Long reach tooling solutions for the safe management of hazardous waste.

Removal of structural feature from MEB

JFN designed, manufactured and tested a long reach tool for the removal of a structural feature ,known as a “stool” from a Multi Element Bottle (MEB)

Rodman II commissioning

A replacement fuel rod recovery manipulator, RodMan II, was successfully commissioned in the Magnox Reprocessing Plant at Sellafield Ltd. RodMan II was designed, manufactured and tested at JFN’s facilities at Malton and Egremont.

Hydraulic tooling development and trials

One of the major PFSP decommissioning challenges taken on by James Fisher Nuclear was the dismantling and removal of a complex underwater steel framework.

Aqueous discharge abatement plant (ADAP)

Building a modular and transportable waste treatment plants for two discrete process streams to operate during the C&M decommissioning preparations.

Submersible ROVs

Using submersible ROVs in fuel storage ponds

Reactor isotope removal

The removal of a number of isotope cartridges from two channels within the Windscale Pile 2 reactor and placement in an approved, shielded storage package in order to progress decommissioning of the reactor.

PFSP decanner removal

Helping Sellafield safely remove a redundant piece of machinery weighing 6 tonnes from the bottom of a contaminated storage pond was the challenge presented to the team at JFN.


ModuMan is the workhorse manipulator for the nuclear industry. Robust, reliable and adaptable.