Watch the videos below for further insight into James Fisher Nuclear, its products and services.


RodMan® II

Showing the process of how RodMan®II was successfully deployed in the Magnox reprocessing plant at Sellafield.



ModuMan 100

ModuMan 100 is designed to be the powerful manipulator workhorse of the decommissioning industry. Find out how its full joint control enables it to excel in hazardous environments.


Submersible ROVs in the Nuclear industry 

JFN has developed specialist ROV tooling to undertake visual characterisation of the contents of nuclear ponds for dose surveys, sludge and liquor sampling, and the removal and retrieval of items, amongst many other tasks.



The FastTrack-Fibre Monitor offers demonstrably superior performance than conventional portal monitors with its high detection probability and low false-alarm rates. Watch the monitor in action here. 


LASER scanning

Showing the superb results of our 3D LASER scans, this video demonstrates the precise spatial locations and distribution of surfaces and objects that are possible with the technology we use.


Trials, training and simulation

Understand what TTS encompasses and how it is utilised by JFN. The excellent facilities and technology which surround our highly qualified and experienced employees are highlighted in this video, together with our commitment to the local Cumbrian community.    


Sliding-Bed Skip Tipper

See the S-BST in action, with a demonstration of its intelligent and intricate design.


Heavy Duty Master Slave Manipulator

The HDMSM demonstrates its functionality and ease of use with a display of strength and delicate precision.

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