Waste Management 2016 Long Reach Tooling

The Pile Fuel Storage Pond (PFSP) at Sellafield and adjoining decanning building provided the storage, cooling and decanning facility for used fuel and isotopes from the two Windscale reactors and later some Magnox fuel from the Calder Hall reactors. Operations ceased in the 1970s and the facilities are now undergoing a programme of accelerated decommissioning. The radiation environment and access limitations necessitate the use of remote technology for the decommissioning programme.  

This paper describes the philosophy and approach and the technology and equipment adopted for the removal and export of key plant equipment and waste items from within the PFSP. In order to progress the project cost effectively and speedily, the Sellafield project team looked for partners in the supply chain with the required experience,  expertise and facilities to supply and test  “commercial off-the-shelf”  (COTS) or modified proprietary equipment. This COTS approach minimised the need for multiple, expensive and lengthy design and manufacturing tasks associated with bespoke equipment. Sellafield partnered with specialist remote handling contractor, James Fisher Nuclear, and the respective project teams worked closely together at every stage of the project from qualifying requirements, identifying potential solutions, through to development, testing, training and final deployment.

The complete paper is available to read here