Research and development

Research and development

James Fisher Nuclear has an impressive track record in delivering research and development projects and innovation for its customers.

Once the basic research and the laboratory development process has been completed, James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) takes this technology and focuses on the practical implementation, demonstration, testing and qualification.  Academic partners in research and development have included the Dalton Nuclear Institute, the University of Lancaster, Loughborough University and Southampton University. JFN also has a track record in identifying technology which has been applied in a different domain and integrating it into a delivery system or adapting it for operation in specific challenging environments.

We have three rig halls and extensive experience of designing, building and testing proof of principal prototypes and completed products. With office space, design offices and rig hall all under the same roof, JFN is ideally placed to host a collaborative development team incorporating the technology supplier, JFN and the end user. Where necessary, specialist test rigs, plant mock-ups or simulated environments can be constructed to thoroughly trial and qualify the equipment prior to operational deployment. The extensive design capability is backed up by in-house manufacturing and support services and a responsive local supply chain for additional plant, scaffolding and other engineering materials and supplies.

JFN, in partnership with KANDE International, has completed the development project "Optimizing the Design and Implementation of NDT Inspection for New Nuclear Power Plants" with Technology Strategy Board funding and has just been awarded a further development project entitled Permanent Ultrasonic Monitoring Array. JFN has also delivered two development projects for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. 

Below are some other examples of the facilities we can offer for test and evaluation of equipment and procedures: