Shielded equipment and facilities

Shielded equipment and facilities

James Fisher Nuclear leads the way with experience of designing and building shielded cabinets, enclosures and cells for nuclear applications. 

To protect staff from excessive dose uptake from radioactive materials, X-ray machines and other sources of ionising radiation, James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) can assess your location and design and project manage the upgrade of an existing facility or build a new one to meet regulations and good practice. The documentation package to substantiate the design typically includes shielding calculations and shine path analyses.

Enclosures can be designed and built from a variety of materials including concrete, steel, lead, polythene and Jabroc depending upon the type of radiation and the amount of attenuation required. Access to the enclosure can be assured by shield doors, gamma gates, roof or wall plugs designed to ensure that no shine paths allow radiation to leak out of the enclosure. Services to the enclosure will require similar shine-path-free penetrations and may require shielding.

JFN has experience of designing shielding for process vessels and pipework and shielded flask transfer facilities.

For maintenance operations, mobile shields and shielded frames can be designed to protect staff.  Shielding can be designed to be rail-mounted or for manipulation by cranes. JFN has experience of designing frames for the maintenance of gamma gates to offer shielding for maintenance staff.

JFN designs and builds control systems to IEC 61508 and BNF.EG00090_1 for safety related applications. The control systems for opening shield doors, gamma gates and shield plugs can be interlocked to prevent accidental exposures to operators.

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