ModuMan 100

ModuMan® 100

ModuMan® 100 is designed to be the powerful manipulator
workhorse of the nuclear decommissioning industry.

It delivers an optimum 100kg lifting capability throughout its supremely practical 2.3-metre reach, offering outstanding dexterity with full joint control, high repeat accuracy, continuous arm movements and the rugged
reliability that is essential when operating in hazardous environments.

The reliable hydraulic design of the modular manipulator draws on James Fisher’s experience gained over more than 25 years engineering dependable remote handling solutions for the nuclear sector.

ModuMan® 100 incorporates a simple hydraulic system that ensures high performance and optimum availability. It employs proven industrial elements including resolvers, actuators, valves and sensors that are integrated and driven by sophisticated software control to produce a power manipulator that is durable, cost effective and extremely flexible.

Ease of maintenance is a specific design requirement for ModuMan® 100. Vital components are located outside the operating cell, and modular quick-swap assemblies used to effectively reduce down-time. The arm
can be easily removed from cell - even when inoperative – and can be serviced and rebuilt within an active area if required.

Diagnostic functions in the control system include virtual modelling of the arm’s operability and automatic fault history recovery.