Engineered containment and gloveboxes

Engineered containment and gloveboxes

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James Fisher Nuclear has a track record in the design and delivery of containments for the safe handling of radioactive materials in development, production and decommissioning applications.

James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) has extensive experience of designing for a host of practical operations, so you can be confident we can provide the right solution to your radioactive material processing challenges. Containments can be designed for all classifications of contamination controlled areas and are decontaminable and wipe-down in accordance with NF standards.

JFN can design nuclear ventilation systems for the supply and extraction of air from facilities and containments. Containments can be designed with a stand-alone ventilation system, or to be interfaced with a new or existing building ventilation system. High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration units can be fitted with safe change filter boxes to minimise the spread of contamination when filters are changed. During decommissioning, cutting operations can mobilise contamination and particulates. JFN has extensive experience in designing ventilated size-reduction booths to minimise the impact on decommissioning workers.

Our gloveboxes are a flexible and reliable method of containing radioactive material. They can be designed to contain equipment and JFN has experience of including process equipment and powder handling systems such as hoppers, crushers, blenders, grinders and pelleting equipment. For complex operations, suites of gloveboxes with ports and connecting tunnels to pass material between work areas can be provided. Double-door transfer ports can be provided for bringing material into the glove box complex without compromising the containment. For export of material, bagging and double-bagging ports for the safe removal of items and drum-out facilities can be provided.

We also have significant experience of designing sealed containers and boxes for secure transportation to IAEA transport standards.

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