3D modelling

3D modelling

Design costs are a significant element of the total cost of a one-off part. 3D modelling allows the design team at James Fisher Nuclear to concentrate their time on quality and efficiency.


James Fisher Nuclear's (JFN) 3D modelling work on the the recent Box Encapsulation Plant Product Store (BEPPS 1) and the design and construction of the new Direct Import Facility (DIF) at Sellafield benefited from using state of the art Building Information Management (BIM) software to allow complete co-ordination between civils, engineering and electrical designers to save significant time and costs and improve the overall performance of the project.

The design packages JFN uses also maintain strict version control and facilitate collaborative working, even between different sites, on the same assemblies. The design control features of the Vault system ensure that only a single designer can make changes to items when checked out and any changes they make that affect other designers' work are automatically notified. These measures ensure that all the subsequent design, analysis and even manufacture information is derived from the same source part model.

These software packages provide good visualisation of components and assemblies and also provide full bidirectional associativity between part model, assembly model, detail manufacturing and/or assembly drawing(s) and simulation/analysis models for mechanisms and structure. Creation of the 3D model in one of the above packages has now become the normal starting point for the design process and the further development of the initial design may be undertaken at the model level.

These packages will also import solid models from other modelling packages, such as PTC's Pro/ENGINEER, thereby allowing further development of existing design models where practicable.

The 3D design software packages used within James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) comprise the following:

  • Autodesk PDS (Includes Autocad): 90 licenses
  • Unigraphics NX: 17 licenses
  • Catia V5 (to R21): 18 licenses
  • ePlan: 15 licenses
  • Inventor LT: 25 subscriptions 

The 3D software packages identified above have been found to cater for the majority of the industry requirements which JFN has been required to service. However, where customer specific requirements are demanded, JFN is willing to work with the customer to satisfy such requirements.   

Although the 3D modelling packages themselves incorporate a limited analysis capability, external packages are employed to deliver further capability.

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Below are some of the other design services JFN can offer: