Laser scanning

LASER scanning

3D LASER scanning from James Fisher Nuclear accurately determines the precise spatial location and distribution of surfaces and objects.

By building up the millions of positions and brightness values, through LASER scanning, James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) can create near photographic quality images. Rather than creating a 2D image, the information obtained can create a far more usable 3D representation of the object.

Any number of 3D scans can be compiled, using corresponding features and dimension from each image. This further increases the overall size of an object, allowing a complete 3D image to be created.

Once the scans have been obtained and compiled, there are a number of post-processing techniques that can be applied after exporting the files:

  • The scans are imported into movie editing software then the object is cleaned up to be shown to the client in a movie format
  • The scans are imported into computer aided design (CAD) packages and used to create technical drawings which are then used to create replacement components.

LASER scanners offer a lot of flexibility within an engineering environment:

  • Survey work can be completed quickly in hostile environments (radiation etc); the information can then be taken to a safe location where post processing can be completed
  • Large structures can be surveyed accurately from a distance; this allows fabrication of new sections to be reversed engineered
  • Complex shapes and structures such as pipe work can be accurately remodelled allowing dimensions to be obtained with ease

James Fisher Nuclear employs the use of a Faro LS HE880 to carry out its LASER scanning requirements.

Being tripod mounted, the HE800 can be moved from location with ease allowing surveys to be completed quickly and efficiently.

  • Scan 120,000 points per second with various resolution settings to further increase the total number of scan points the scanner is able to obtain
  • Rotate 360° on its base unit, allowing area scans to be obtained
  • Pivot 320° to further increase scan points received with area scans
  • Scan range: 0.6-72m

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