Configuration management

Configuration management

James Fisher Nuclear gives you peace of mind, deploying configuration management tools to identify and record the functional and physical characteristics of all your system components. 

Covering all aspects of hardware, software, documentation throughout the development lifecycle, this approach ensures James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) maintains the integrity and identification of all mechanical, electronic, electrical and programmable system components as they evolve through the design and manufacture phases in compliance with ISO 10007:2003 (Quality Management Systems – Guidelines for Configuration Management). Changes to system components are controlled to ensure continuity and traceability are maintained throughout the lifecycle.

The JFN configuration management process ensures:

  • A unique identification of each configuration item and its revision history
  • That correct and accurate data is captured
  • The identification, tracking and control of modifications and changes
  • Visibility of the current and previous configuration baselines allowing the status of achievement of the system physical and functional requirements to be identified throughout the systems lifecycle

Design and provision of Programmable Electronic Systems (PES) is managed using JFN's configuration management system. This system is part of our ISO 9001:2008 QMS, technical and administrative systems are utilised throughout the E/E/PE system lifecycle.

JFN's PES Configuration Management System assesses the following as a minimum:

  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • PES cubicle equipment
  • PES hardware
  • Operator interface equipment
  • PES communications
  • PES software
  • Testing requirements
  • Documentation
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Reliability
  • Deliverables

Typically IEC 61508,  ES79, EG90 or other customer-specific standard compliant documentation is utilised.

JFN has an exemplary track record of configuration status accounting and reporting built into our QMS assured JFN Information Management System (JIMS) and Design Document Register (DDR).  This allows our clients to have further benefits of the configuration status accounting including information regarding the configuration documentation (including document identifiers and effective dates); information about the software configuration (such as code, algorithm definitions and links); information with respect to the software's operational and maintenance documentation and information about the configuration management process (such as the status of change requests).

As a minimum JFN assesses and controls all essential documentation including:

  • Software requirement specification
  • System definition documents
  • software system specifications
  • Engineering drawings
  • Functional and non-functional user requirements specification
  • Operational and maintenance documentation
  • Technical files
  • Source codes files and link libraries
  • Programme development software
  • Validation and verification tools and certification
  • Competence levels and assessment records
  • Application code
  • Modulated code
  • Code test scripts
  • System architecture
  • Block test documents
  • Module test documents
  • Integration test documents
  • Acceptance test documents

Our systems ensure that project delivery is a continuous reiteration and monitoring process to provide coherency, accuracy and clarity at all times to the client, external verifier or internal member of the project team. 

This structured approach allows us to conduct SIL 4 external assessments of developed code and products. Configuration auditing is essential to ensure compliance with the project specifications and ensure all deliverables align. It ensures that all relevant quality assurance procedures have been implemented and that there is consistency throughout the project documentation. We also appoint a configuration manager for each specific project thereby ensuring coherency between ISO 9001:2008, IEC 10007:2003 and IEC 12207:2008.

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