Radiation Tolerant Equipment and Connectors

Radiation tolerant equipment and connectors

James Fisher Nuclear understands how important it is that equipment for use in high radiation areas is both tolerant and adapted for ease of use in these challenging environments.

Your nuclear working environment spans a wide variety of situations from background radiation and minimal contamination to highly active waste handling facilities and the equipment you specify needs to meet these environmental requirements.

To address this requirement James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) has developed a wide range of radiation tolerant equipment designed to service the needs of highly active facilities. Each component incorporates features to allow remote installation and maintenance through manipulation with remote handling equipment. 

From manipulators and tooling including size reduction equipment, mechanical handling, camera systems and NDT, you can trust our extensive experience in designing and building systems for operations in high radiation environments. Here are a few examples:

Electrical connectors and distributors

Remote installation and maintenance in highly active environments is an area where operator access is either impossible or should be kept to a minimum. JFN has developed a wide range of radiation tolerant accessories and connectors that are designed to be used with a range of remote access manipulators like ModuMan®, long reach tooling and ROVs to service the needs of highly active facilities. 

The connectors are fabricated from stainless steel with PEEK inserts to give a radiation tolerance of 1000 MRads. The connectors are designed for operation with large power manipulators or master slave manipulators (MSMs) and are "scoop proof" – they are designed to prevent potential damage to pins or sockets due to mishandling during the connection.

Distribution equipment

JFN provides a range of radiation tolerant electrical distribution equipment working from "clean side" supplies and controls though the shield wall to distribution boxes and on to individual hardware systems. All the equipment is able to be deployed and recovered remotely using a combination of manipulators and cranes. Such equipment has been used in the Vitrification and SDP plants at Sellafield.

 For more information download the datasheets below: 

Datasheet Download
Radiation tolerant rectangular connectors   PDF.png
Radiation tolerant proximity sensors  PDF.png
Radiation tolerant coupler connectors  PDF.png
Radiation tolerant 40mm connectors 41 contacts   PDF.png
Radiation tolerant 40mm connectors 26 or 31 contacts   PDF.png
Radiation tolerant compliant connectors  PDF.png
Radiation tolerant 30mm connectors 37 contacts  PDF.png
Radiation tolerant 23mm connectors 22 contacts  PDF.png
Radiation tolerant 30mm connectors 12 contacts  PDF.png
Radiation tolerant 23mm cnnectors 4, 6 or 7 contacts  PDF.png
Non compliant connectors  PDF.png
Junction boxes  PDF.png
Floor coupler connectors  PDF.png
Crane power modules  PDF.png