Mechanical and remote handling

Mechanical and remote handling

When it comes to remote handling James Fisher Nuclear is widely regarded as being at the forefront of this technology within the Nuclear industry. 

James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) recognises that our customers need safe, simple and cost effective solutions that really deliver and the nuclear industry is challenging for original equipment suppliers with compound environmental risk factors including radiation, humidity, corrosive atmospheres and potential ATEX requirements.

The legislative constraints can often appear onerous with CDM and EC legislation enforced through formal compliance. Clients too will invariably be extremely conscious of safety. Third party certified body involvement in respect of pressure equipment directives (PED), electromagnetic compliance (EMC) and lifting (LOLER) is considered normal as is BS EN 61508 compliance, safety case integration (HAZID, HAZOP, HAZAN) and peer review of designs and documentation. Quality grades stipulate requirements for NDT (and DT) in addition to LTQR requirements, material traceability and weld compliance.

JFN is well versed in the provision of equipment that complies with these exacting safety standards. Below are some examples of the mechanical and remote handling solutions we can offer.

Commissioned solutions

JFN has a high quality design and manufacturing capability with experience of delivering tailored manipulation and handling systems to service specific customer requirements for operations in hazardous environments.

Remote handling systems

JFN has a standard range of manipulator products to meet a variety of common requirements within the nuclear and process industries. The ModuMan family includes: ModuMan Link; ModuMan Inspector; ModuMan Cave; and ModuMan 100.

Below are some of the other remote handling products and services we can offer: