Sonar scanning

SONAR scanning

James Fisher Nuclear has extensive experience with the use of SONAR scanning equipment for a range of profiling and characterisation tasks.

SONAR scanning and profiling is used by James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) to measure the level and distribution of sediments in vessels containing liquor, SONAR profiling readings can be acquired from stationary or mobile deployments in accordance to requirements and conditions set.

The main types of work JFN has been involved in with the SONAR Profiler are:

  • sludge dispersal pattern mapping in tanks and ponds
  • sub-bottom profiling to determine the presence of buried material
  • position fixing of plant structures and features
  • verification of pumping and agitation performance

As the SONAR is used in hostile environments, JFN has employed a split head system for the SONAR unit. The split head system allows the electronics of the SONAR to be stored in an external unit from the head. This set-up allows easy detachment of the head unit from the rest of the unit for controlled disposal if contaminated. As the head unit contains a minimum number of electronic components, replacing the unit becomes more cost effective when the unit becomes contaminated. Operating at 0.6MHz and 1.1MHz this new profiler has been designed with a hard boot, which offers increased protection over conventional mechanical scanning profilers.

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