Safety case development

Safety case development

James Fisher Nuclear has a team of authors with extensive experience in developing safety cases for the nuclear sector and other high integrity industries. 

Safety cases from James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) can be generated for presentation in either a textual or graphical format. Traditionally the textual format for safety case with written arguments supported by documentary evidence has been the preferred method. More recently using a graphical layout to break complex arguments down has become more popular. This approach gives greater depth to the arguments and gives a visual support to the presentation of the evidence. JFN has experience of using both safety argument manager (SAM) and goal structured notation (GSN) software.

As part of the development of a safety case, JFN deploys a range of analytical tools to support the arguments developed and present the supporting evidence in a structured format. These tools include functional safety assessments (FSA), failure mode effects analysis (FMEA), failure mode effects and criticality analysis (FMECA), failure mode effects and diagnostic analysis (FMEDA), fault tree analysis, SIL deterministic studies, reliability block diagrams (RBD) and reliability and availability analysis (RAA).

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