ModuMan Long Reach

ModuMan® Long Reach

ModuMan® Long Reach is a powerful, long reach, lightweight, modular manipulator designed for a wide range of applications in the nuclear industry.

The standard model has a 4.2m (13.8ft) reach delivering a substantial 50kg (110lb) payload through its entire range of motion and can perform complex processes with dexterity and high repeat accuracy. It has been successfully deployed in nuclear facilities for a range of decommissioning applications. 

The manipulator uses a simple hydraulic system with a modular design using proven industrial components and assemblies. Diagnostic functions in the control system include virtual modelling of the arm’s operability and automatic fault history recovery.

ModuMan® Long Reach utilises a wide range of deployment platforms, but in contrast to many power manipulators it can be deployed through walls via new or existing penetrations, including MSM ports. It can readily be deployed from overhead cranes and gantry systems, tracked ROVs, mast mounted to extend vertical or horizontal reach and other platforms. 

ModuMan® Long Reach is designed for easy maintenance, repair and decontamination. When deployed through a wall in an operating cell, the key components are located outside the cell allowing maintenance using quick change assemblies without removing the arm. The arm can be easily removed from cell and can be serviced and rebuilt within an active area if required.