Software lifecycle processes and programming

Software lifecycle processes and programming


James Fisher Nuclear understands how important a holistic approach is to software lifecycle processes and programming to define requirements and mitigate against potential hazards. 

The software lifecycle processes and programming service provided by James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) is designed to be integrated into an organisation's Quality Management System (QMS) when software development is required in accordance with ISO/IEC 12207. Defining Functional Design Specification (FDS) and Software Design Specification (SDS) are essential requirements in this process. It is designed to be utilised at all stages in the software lifecycle providing a unique set of processes, activities and tasks for software that is part of a larger system or a standalone product or service.

The latest revision of standard IEC 12207:2008 includes new additional and revised processes that ensures a more structured project execution . The latest amendment applies new SC7 guidance, with the new additional definitions and guidelines to provide further support of consistency and improved usability.

FDS and SDS documents integrate into the following systems: 

  • Decision management processes
  • Risk management processes
  • Configuration management processes
  • Information management processes
  • Measurement processes

In addition the FDS and SDS cover the following aspects of the standard to ensure consistency throughout the organisational level and project specific QMS:

  • Stakeholder requirements
  • Technical requirements
  • System requirement assessments
  • System architecture design
  • Implementation
  • Systems integration
  • Systems qualification testing – verification
  • Software installation – transition
  • Software acceptance – validation
  • Software operation
  • Software maintenance
  • Software disposal

At all stages both hazard identification and risk mitigation are carried out as an ongoing process. Additional key requirements are also assessed during the early stages of any software development including ergonomics and environmental requirements. Assessments are typically conducted by a team selected for a diversity of expertise and SQEP capabilities. Depending on project size team members include:

  • Quality manager
  • Systems development
  • Verification
  • Validation
  • Project manager


JFN has a broad spectrum of experience in a variety of programming languages and is able to select the most appropriate for the application. This experience includes the following languages and environments:

PLC systems High level languages Bus architectures
Omron - Trajexia Basic and CXOne Visual basic MODBUS
Siemens - SIMATIC Step 7 C ProfiBUS
Allen Bradley - RSLogix 500/5000 C++ Compobus S
National instruments C# DeviceNet
  JAVA RS232, 485 et al.

With respect to EN 61131-3:2003 JFN has significant experience in the deployment of instruction list, structured text, graphical (ladder diagrams), block function diagrams and sequential function charts.

Below are some of the other design services JFN can offer: