Supply chain management

Supply chain management

The James Fisher Nuclear supply chain team have substantial across the board experience from auditing suppliers, and supplier selection, monitoring progress through to final delivery.

You can be confident that your supply chain team will be led by an experienced supply chain manager from James Fisher Nuclear (JFN). Who in turn will be supported by senior supply chain engineers and supply chain engineers, who are highly qualified manufacturing engineers with years of experience, involved in all aspects of projects from initial design concepts during the bid phase, to design for manufacture through customer delivery to in-service support. 

JFN has an extensive range of "Best in Class Suppliers" from the UK/EU and worldwide with all suppliers accredited with a minimum of ISO 9001:2000. Other accreditations held by JFN suppliers include AS 9100 and ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Before any supplier can be put onto the JFN approved suppliers list there is a stringent structured assessment program that is undertaken.

This typically includes:

  • A confidentiality agreement is put in place to protect both parties.
  • The supplier's finances, quality accreditations, insurances and capabilities are evaluated.
  • A member of the supply chain team will audit all areas of the supplier business and formally record the findings.  Careful attention is paid to planning activities, manufacturing processes, detailed project plan and inspection reports.
  • Where appropriate, the supplier will be required to manufacture test pieces which are then inspected by a third party to verify inspection reports and the quality of the test piece.
  • The supplier will be assessed and bench-marked using a matrix of detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Once the assessment has been completed, the supply chain team will then feedback to the potential supplier.  

As well as thoroughly checking the quality of the supplier at the time of the assessment, the KPI baselines established during this process are also monitored during subsequent project deliveries and feedback provided to support continuous improvement.

The process also gives a detailed assessment of the supplier capabilities which is used to select the suppliers who will be asked to tender for a specific project. This careful matching of the supplier capabilities to the project ensures that JFN's customers will receive the right product at the right price.

When a sub-contract opportunity arises, the supply chain team prepares a formal enquiry and sends it to a short list of suppliers from its approved supplier list. The formal enquiry will include all customer delivery and quality requirements including confidentiality as well as the requirements of JFN procedures and quality assurance (QA) plan. 

The supply chain team manages sub-contractors throughout the delivery phase of the project and, on completion, gives the supplier performance feedback.

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