PES and control systems

PES and control systems

Robust, fit-for-purpose PES and control system designs from James Fisher Nuclear that you can be confident will be certifiable and maintainable throughout their operational life.

James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) ensures that all engineers and managers are fully trained and provided with training as part of their individual ongoing professional career development plans. We have our own SQEP (Suitably Qualified and Experienced Person) and grading process internally to ensure compliance with today's demands on engineering accuracy, safety and ever changing standards. In addition, this also alleviates any pressure for external auditors by providing a fit for purpose structure for third party assessments on competence and internal reassurance.

The standards listed below address the need to utilise a structured approach to software design and system development to achieve a verifiable design which includes requirements tracability and is able to be modified by suitably qualified systems engineers without requiring interaction with the original designers. Any solution generated is deterministic and permits changes to be assessed against the original design intent prior to modification of the system. This allows the end user greater confidence in the lifetime support options available.

Additionally, systems developed in line with the above standards can be interrogated as part of a structure design, code and test lifecycle ensuring greater certainty that the code meets the requirements and does not contain hidden components which would otherwise cause apparently random failures during operation.


We use BS ISO/IEC 12207:2008 compliant lifecycle processes, BS EN ISO 10007:2003 compliant configuration management systems and a BS EN IEC 61131-3:2003 coding environment allied to engineering competence and structured development training to provide customers with a robust fit for purpose design which is certifiable and maintainable throughout the product's life.

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