Through life support

Through life support

James Fisher Nuclear offers comprehensive service and support packages to ensure that hardware supplied remains in safe and cost-effective operation, meeting full regulatory compliance. 

All work carried out by James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) is documented to allow for the maintenance of lifetime quality records and our service and maintenance skills can be offered as a comprehensive through life support package. JFN has experience of working with integrated logistical support (ILS) consultants to develop appropriate and comprehensive ILS packages for customers and implementing the developed maintenance schedules.

JFN staff are:

  • highly experienced and qualified personnel committed to delivering value for the customer
  • based in strategic locations in the north and the south of the UK
  • regularly trained to ensure that their knowledge and skills are kept up-to-date
  • supportive with relation to products throughout their lifecycle, from installation and commissioning, warranty support, calibration, planned and breakdown maintenance, spares provision and integrated logistical support
  • experienced in using a wide portfolio of inspection and measurement hardware including X-ray generators and inspection systems and both portable and installed radiation protection instrumentation (RPI)


The commissioning period is an excellent opportunity for hands-on training of staff who can benefit from the skills and experience of the JFN commissioning engineers.

Breakdown maintenance

In the event of a breakdown or component failure, JFN engineers can respond rapidly and effectively to restore the system to full functionality.

Spare parts holding

Where required, JFN can maintain stocks of essential components and spare parts to ensure rapid repairs.

System upgrades and obsolescence

As customer requirements evolve and sub-assemblies become obsolete, it is often possible to carry out changes to part of a system to meet the new challenges without replacing the entire system. JFN service engineers have experience and knowledge of working with suppliers to identify appropriate system upgrades and in implementing the solutions in a cost-effective manner.


Regular calibration is essential to ensure that measurement instrumentation delivers reliable and accurate results and can be a regulatory requirement. JFN offers an on-site calibration service for installed RPI and a portable RPI calibration service with schedules to suit customer requirements and appropriate certification of results.

Preventative maintenance

JFN offers a range of tailored preventative maintenance packages to meet customers' requirements.


Correct installation is an essential first step in ensuring a long and productive life for inspection and measurement instrumentation. JFN have experience in managing installation projects and installing a wide variety of systems, from simple devices to large complex customised systems.

Commissioning and first use testing

JFN can offer a comprehensive commissioning and testing programme to meet customers' requirements. JFN is experienced in carrying out tests before first use in line with the NPL's measurement good practice guides 14 (for portable RPI) and 29 (for installed RPI).

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