Our industry

Our industry

"Supporting our industry and inspiring the next generation to ensure a sustainable future for our employees, their families and their communities"

Both nuclear decommissioning and new build offers fantastic career opportunities to those in the industry. Despite this there is an ever-growing skills shortage that creates challenges right through the industry.

Ironically however, many of the areas where the nuclear industry is present also experience high levels of unemployment and people living in poverty. In West Cumbria for example 51% of all 18 to 24 year olds currently claim unemployment benefit and 3,900 children live in poverty*.

In the UK, where a person lives, and their background has a profound impact on the opportunities in their life. We believe that everyone should be able to go as far in life as their ability can take them, and recognise we have a real opportunity to support people whose chances are limited through external factors they have no influence over.

As a company we strongly believe that supporting education and skills development can make an important contribution to social impact. This support enables employment and in turn underpins economic growth in the nuclear industry while allowing a community to sustain its own wellbeing.

A person’s life chances are strongly influenced by their earliest years and we believe that all individuals should be given every opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. However, we also believe this does not necessarily just happen within the formal school environment, but throughout a person’s life.

We believe that the right engagement from industry with the local communities ignites aspirations among young people and offers everyone the opportunity to develop their skills set and increase their potential to find secure employment. This in turn secures a positive return for all stakeholders as it provides additional resource to industry helping to close the skills shortage gap securing prosperous futures for all stakeholders