Our communities

Our communities

"Working collaboratively to deliver real social value to our communities"

Supporting our communities is a natural extension of the commitment we make to each customer. As with each customers’ project where we make a significant impact on delivering their requirements, we also want to have a meaningful impact on the communities in which we live and work.

With the increasing risk of climate change environmental conservation is more important than ever and can have real social value, as well as environmental, benefits. JFN is at the forefront of the UK nuclear legacy clean up, helping to decommission many of the UK’s earliest nuclear sites safely and with due regard for the environment. As a key element to our social value plan we will extend this commitment to the wider community and seek to support environmental initiatives in our chosen areas.

We appreciate that social value is as varied as the communities for which it benefits. Core to social value is the holistic assessment of the impact an organisation has on a community’s wellbeing. As well as measurable impacts it includes sources of value that cannot be defined by conventional market economics, such as the hope a person feels when receiving the support they need, or sense of pride and fulfilment in positively contributing to a social cause.

It is our belief that such efforts require new, longer term and stronger relationships with our stakeholders, supply chain partners and communities. Embracing new collaborations, partnerships and relationships will be fundamental to the collective success of the areas close to our operations economically, socially and environmentally.

We will engage with community volunteering charities that work to create healthier and happier communities through environmental conservation and practical tasks undertake by volunteers...us!