Our people

Our people

"Supporting employment, skills development and wellbeing"

It is obvious that business success is not possible without a hardworking and dedicated team. It is crucial to also recognise that how a person feels within their job directly impacts them personally and professionally which in turns impacts business success.

As a responsible employer, JFN is committed to creating a healthy workplace and nurturing our people to thrive and reach their best.

We do this by developing talent and supporting our employee’s wellbeing to create real social value. Only by doing these things will our people feel happy, empowered, motivated and fulfilled in contributing to our company’s success.

There are many things that we, like all responsible businesses, already do to support our people’s wellbeing. However, JFN is committed to creating additional social value over and above the basic workforce needs.

We want our people to be fit and healthy, to feel happy, empowered, motivated and fulfilled at work and at home. We recognise that our people have different needs and abilities, and our approach must be as individual as each person.

Our goal is to facilitate engagement to inspire them to further develop a fruitful career within the nuclear industry creating sustainable social value and further supporting our other underpinning pillar – Our industry.