ModuMan® Trials and Testing

The prototype ModuMan 100 hydraulic manipulator successfully achieved 2000 hours of trials representing typical decommissioning tasks in a confined space under both wet and dry conditions.

ModuMan prototype testing was required to simulate as close as was reasonably practicable the operations of the manipulator within a waste retrieval decommis-sioning cell. The trials would evaluate the manipula-tor's effectiveness and reliability in performing a range of tasks specified by the client, which also represent-ed a range of typical decommissioning tasks.

JFN erected and commissioned a test rig in their Unit 14 rig hall facility in Egremont, which included a repli-ca of the waste retrieval cell provided by the client and to be used on the plant. This consisted of a modular stainless cell containment with viewing windows and incorporated CCTV cameras, a hose for washing the cell walls and tool storage. ModuMan was deployed through a port in the retrieval cell wall where it per-formed tasks relating to the management of ILW waste.

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