Modular Liquid Effluent Treatment Plant

Aqueous Discharge Abatement Plant (ADAP) The design and construction of a modular, transportable, liquid effluent treatment plant for use in at Bradwell NPP.

This encompassed replacement of the existing Active Effluent Treatment Plant (AETP) which treats liquid wastes from across the site and a new plant for treatment of the effluent output from a solid waste (fuel element debris-FED) dissolution process. JFN’s role included the design, manufacture, inactive testing and support to the installation and commissioning of the plant. 

The challenge was to build waste treatment plants for two discrete process streams to operate during the C&M decommissioning preparations. One treats the effluent output from a solid waste dissolution process and a second to treat active liquid wastes arising across the dormant site. The purpose of both streams is to isolate and prepare for safe containment dissolved and suspended heavy metals and radionuclides whilst producing a 

liquid effluent conforming to the NPP discharge authorisation limits.

Download the ADAP case study


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