Real world challenges for Dream Placement 2020.

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During their week long placement, organised by the Centre For Leadership Performance (CFLP) working at JFNL, Ella Brenthall and Lee Fraser got to experience and learn about different roles within an engineering organisation including possible education routes, future employment opportunities and what the industry can offer.

The aim of the dream placement week was to help boost the students’ confidence in making career choices and support the development of their employability skills.

The students’ were set a challenge to develop a methodology to remove deflector plates from a silo building within Sellafield so that it can be demolished and decommissioned. The problem was that before the overhead grapples can be utilised, the deflector plates need to be removed from each silo compartment in order for the grapple to gain access to the waste. The deflector plates cannot be removed as a whole assembly as the access to the inside of the silo is very limited (for radiological safety reasons) and thus it has been assessed by the client that they need to be cut up and removed piece by piece. The approach is that; as the deflector plates are cut up, they will fall into the existing piles of waste and become a part of the waste, ready to be removed by the grapple at a later stage in the decommissioning process. Due to this, the deflector plates will need to be cut up into small pieces of sizes no larger than 400mm x 200mm x 200mm. 

Both students demonstrated good critical thinking abilities, they were introduced to the company design procedures and created design briefs and risk assessments introduced to the BS 8888 standard of drawing and carried out testing in JFN rig hall by utilising the ROVs and UAVs. The students tackled all tasks set for them diligently and demonstrated an eagerness to learn. They developed interpersonal skills, team-working skills, professionalism and customer management experience, which in turn helped improve communication, confidence and self-efficacy. Ella and Lee interacted well with members of the team and showed a high level of interest in mechanical design, as a result, learnt new skills which will hold them in good stead for a future career in the sector.