Mobile changerooms

Mobile changerooms

A successful decommissioning project will demolish the buildings and move the site boundary.  So where do you site the changerooms during the various phases of work?

The existing changerooms are likely to be sized for ongoing operations and not able to cope with the demands of a decommissioning project and are unlikely to be conveniently sited for all of the decommissioning phases.

An innovative solution to this problem, developed by James Fisher Nuclear and pioneered at the Magnox South Berkeley site, is to use a mobile changeroom. These modular units are built into standard ISO freight containers which simplifies the logistics of transport and location. Set-up on site is rapid, as the changerooms require only an appropriate area of hard standing and a water and electricity supply.

The changerooms are air conditioned and fully fitted out with wash facilities and an office area for health physics staff. Two TwoStep™ Exit monitors for personnel and a clearance monitor for tools and equipment are used to ensure that no radioactive contamination passes to the clean side of the changeroom. The TwoStep™ Exit takes advantage of the latest development in contamination monitoring/monitors based on the latest refinements in Beta Fibre™ detection technology. This delivers outstanding radiometric performance without requiring a continuous flow of inert gas. The RTM 661/440 clearance monitor is widely used in the UK nuclear industry as a rapid and effective method of monitoring items down to exemption levels.

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