Vehicle and pedestrian monitors

Vehicle and pedestrian monitors

Vehicle and pedestrian monitors from James Fisher Nuclear are an efficient way to protect your premises by screening potential carriers of radioactive sources. 

The best detection (in terms of probability of detection and minimal detectable activity) is when there are detectors placed either side of the vehicle/pedestrian, when the vehicle/pedestrian is travelling slowly or is temporarily stationary and when the detectors are as close as possible. Detectors and alarms can be either covert or overt, with options including integration into gates/barriers/doors and back up by CCTV and ANPR technology.

Portal monitors based on gross counts have the highest sensitivity to radioactivity but cannot discriminate between naturally occurring radioactive material, medical isotopes, industrial isotopes or special nuclear material. Advanced spectroscopic portal monitors can discriminate and supply this additional information which allows for different responses as a function of the type of material detected.

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