Homeland security

Homeland security

James Fisher Nuclear is here to ensure that homeland security personnel are properly equipped to assess, identify and deal with potential problems effectively and safely.

James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) has experience in supporting the specific radiation protection instrumentation requirements of all of the emergency services including fire brigades, ambulance crews, paramedics, police officers and customs officials who may occasionally come into contact with radioactive material or other radioactive sources during the course of their day-to-day duties. Products supplied include search and frisk probes, detection, identification and measurement (DIM) instruments and personal alarming dosimetry systems.

For the London 2012 Summer Olympics JFN was tasked to deliver a complete radiological screening and threat detection system for the games to ensure security staff could clearly identify any individuals who might be carrying nuclear materials. It was the largest such system deployed in the UK to date and played a vital role in making the games safe and secure for all those attending, both spectators and athletes.

JFN supplies the RDS200 rate meter and associated probes used in the New Dimension programme and provides OEM calibration, maintenance and repair services for the meter and probes.

Follow the links below for a case study outlining the work we carried out for London 2012: